Downstream User Exposure Scenarios

This section contains all the Exposure Scenarios (ES) for downstream uses of all the substances registered by the Nickel REACH Consortia.

These are the most recent ES for communication, which were prepared after submission of the 2018 updates of the joint registration dossiers to ECHA. The following major changes took place and are reflected in the new versions of the ES:

  • Some ES titles have been revised for clarity
  • Additional exposure scenarios (or contributing scenarios) have been included to cover different tasks/uses
  • Some use descriptors have been considered to cover different conditions of use
  • New measured data have been taken into account in the exposure and risk assessments
  • The regional (background) exposures to nickel in diet, drinking water and ambient air have been updated
  • Updated oral DNELs for the general population have been reported.

These are only the major changes which took place, but additional changes may have been made to individual ES.

For further information on any changes of the ES please contact the Nickel REACH Consortia: