Exposure Scenario Library


The identified uses of the nickel substances registered by the Nickel REACH Consortia have been covered in Exposure Scenarios (ES). These Exposure Scenarios are not only a requirement for the REACH registration dossiers but are also required to be communicated down the supply chain to downstream users (DU) via the Extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDS). 

Once a DU has received the eSDS, they need to:

  • Check whether it covers their use
  • Check whether the conditions of safe use correspond to the operational conditions and risk management measures implemented at their site.

This Exposure Scenario library has been developed to assist in the communication along the supply chain. It provides to all members and downstream users with the most recent versions of existing DU ES extracted from the chemical safety reports (CSR) of the substances covered by the Nickel REACH Consortia. You will also find general and nickel specific guidance documents to assist you in understanding the ES and how DU can demonstrate compliance by scaling the ES to site-specific conditions.


Content of the Exposure Scenario Library:

1. Downstream user ES : A complete list and access to the most recent nickel DU ES divided by substance.

2. Guidance documents : This section provides a link to guidance documents drafted by Eurometaux, the Nickel REACH Consortia and ECHA.

3. Links to tools and models : This section provides links to tools and models that are available to use for estimating worker and environmental exposure by taking into account site-specific conditions. Tools are also available for calculating site-specific PNECs for soil and water. 

4. Procedure for reporting new uses and updates : This section provides the strategy of the Nickel REACH Consortia in the overall process for annually updating the Ni REACH Dossiers.


    For assistance with the library or any other related issues to exposure scenarios, please contact us: reach@nickelinstitute.org