Guidance documents for DU

This section contains all the relevant guidance documents developed by Eurometaux, the Nickel REACH Consortia and ECHA.

    This includes general guidance documents to help DU read and understand the GES, how to demonstrate compliance, and obligation of DU under REACH. Also included here are Ni specific guidance documents for assessing site-specific exposure.


    Guidance drafted by Eurometaux

    This guidance is intended for DU of chemical substances and all other persons who will have to read a generic exposure scenario (GES) to check whether it covers their uses. It explains all the relevant sections of the GES, while providing general and metal specific tips on how to check compliance.


    Guidance drafted by the Nickel REACH Consortia

    The guidances below will soon be updated but are still relevant. If you are planning to run a measuring campaign in your company, please contact us.

    This guidance document is for helping companies assess their compliance with the ES for workers. It provides the proper guidance for companies that wish to incorporate site-specific data on particle size distribution and/or chemical composition of the workplace nickel exposure into the description of the site-specific exposure scenario. 

    This guidance document is for helping companies assess their compliance with the ES for workers. It provides a summary of the methods that are currently available to measure workplace particle size distribution and describes the respective advantages and limitations of the methods.

    This guidance document summarizes the different personal respirable, inhalable and multi-fraction samplers currently available, how they are used, where to purchase them and what is recommended based on price and quality of the samplers.  Also included is some guidance on sampling strategy. 


    Guidance and fact sheets drafted by ECHA

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    This document provides guidance on the requirements of DU under REACH. It provides to DU with detailed information about its roles and obligations under REACH, while also providing guidance on a range of REACH processes, including some technical methods that DU can make use of.   

    This factsheet provides an overview of guidance and tools for users of chemicals, including links to the relevant webpages and documents.

    This guide documents the obligations of DU concerning specifically the safety data sheets and compliance with the exposure scenarios. Additional links for more information and support from ECHA are provided.  

    This document provides advice to DU on how to check if your use is covered by a ES and whether or not you comply with the operational conditions and risk management measures.

    This section of ECHA website provides downstream users with all the practical information to ensure an effective communication in the supply chain.