What are the Nickel REACH Consortia


 The Nickel REACH Consortia have been created by the Nickel Institute to help manufacturers and importers of nickel and nickel compounds getting along with their REACH and CLP obligations.

    • The activities of the Nickel REACH Consortia include:
      • Registration (data sharing, data gathering and testing proposals; compilation of the Technical Dossier and of the Chemical Safety Report
      • Classification of substances according to the rules of the CLP Regulation, including eventual proposals for the harmonisation of classification and labelling if appropriate
      • Follow up during the (eventual) Evaluation process, and collective response to any further request from information made in the context of an Evaluation
      • Maintenance of the REACH Registration dossiers with respect to new scientific data, changes in hazard classification, or any new information related to uses or exposure scenarios

  • REACH obligations NOT covered by the Nickel REACH Consortia include:
    • Pre-registration which needs to be done by each Legal Entity of an EU Company (manufacturer or importer)
    • Submission of the part of the Registration dossier specific to each Legal Entity of a Company
    • Coordination of Legal Entities of a Company
    • Communication down the supply chain, including the preparation of extended Safety Data Sheets


What are the substances covered by the Nickel REACH Consortia?

Consortium 1 substancesConsortium 2 substancesConsortium 3 substance
Nickel metal Nickel Hydroxycarbonate Ni Matte
Nickel sulphate Nickel oxide  
Nickel nitrate Nickel dihydroxide  
Nickel chloride Nickel sulphamate  
  Nickel acetate  
  Nickel sulfide  
  Nickel sub-sulfide  
Nickel bis(dihydrogen phosphate)